10 More Great Reasons To Give A Gift

The joy of giving often outlasts the pleasure of accepting the gift. What’s more, is that spending money on others predicts greater happiness than spending on oneself. Following are some reasons why we gift and a little inspiration to go along with it!

It's Going To Be A Busy Week

We all know what it’s like to be fully slammed and not able to even think about feeding or caring for yourself. What better way to show support than to send a gift that makes it a bit easier to get through it all.

Pro Tip: With LuvBucks they can get a hot meal delivered, order some bubbly to celebrate the end of the week, or schedule a massage for Saturday.


Everyone loves a surprise! What better way to show someone you care than by sending an unexpected gift to make their day.

Pro Tip: LuvBucks are virtual and refillable - you can surprise them once, or over and over again by scheduling a gift that adds to their account balance.

Thanks For Letting Me Visit

When someone puts you up for the night it’s only polite to send them thanks.

Pro Tip: Add an inspiration image to the gift card. Perhaps some flowers or a spa, both of which are easily ordered through the LuvBucks app.

Stay In Touch

Gifts can keep us feeling connected and in touch. Especially unexpected ones to show you are thinking of them, even when they are not right there with you.

Pro Tip: When you send your gift through LuvBucks, you can add a photo or video of the two of you together to remind them of your bond.

Congrats On A New Job

Starting a new job is a big occasion. One that can be filled with butterflies and excitement. Regardless it’s always good to know that your people are in your corner.

Pro Tip: They might need a first-day outfit, or some personal items to put on their desk. With LuvBucks they will have the flexibility to get what they need most urgently.

Cheering Them Up

When life gets you down, a gift can turn that frown into a smile.

Pro Tip: LuvBucks has a fun and friendly interface that makes selecting your gift a delight.

Thanks for Volunteering

When we volunteer, we are paying it forward. You can further that cycle by sending your appreciation through a gift.

Pro Tip: Volunteers can’t be paid for their work, but with LuvBucks you can thank them and get around those pesky IRS rules with a thank you they will truly appreciate.

House Warming

Buying, or even just moving into a new home is a momentous occasion. New homes always need new things to make them really work.

Pro Tip: LuvBucks lets you easily order from home repair shops, home decor shops, and even those big box “we have everything in the world you would ever need” shops. It just makes things easier for the new homeowner to have that flexibility to get what they need.

An Apology

Sometimes we need to apologize but just don’t have the words. Of course, finding those words is important, and adding a little gift can be an additional plus. When you are willing to spend time, energy, and even money to say you are sorry, it will likely be received with the heartfelt meaning for which it was intended.

Pro Tip: Nothing says I’m really really sorry like a gift along with an apology. And if it’s too hard to say face to face you can record a video and send it with your LuvBucks gift.

For No Special Reason At All

Yep, you can give a gift for no reason at all.  It might be the best reason of all to give a gift!

Pro Tip: With a thoughtful message in the LuvBucks app, you send a gift that will be super memorable!

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