Care Gifting Is The New Care Package, But Better!

Care Gifting is a way of creating connection while taking it to the next level by sending a gift that lets them know they are in your thoughts. Because if you can’t mail a hug, this is the next best thing!

In addition to life’s regular ups and downs, the past few years have been extra challenging. What has helped the most is connecting and reconnecting with friends and family, making sure people we care about feel supported and loved! 

Your Care Gift can celebrate a life transition such as pregnancy or an engagement. It can also be a support for something more serious such as going through a divorce, isolation with a positive Covid result, or other serious illnesses or emergencies.

LuvBucks is the perfect way to Care Gift because it saves you the time and expense of running around looking for the right ingredients for your care package. It’s just like sending a gift of cash, but with a lot more heart!

Plus, it is so easy to use!

     1. Install the LuvBucks app on your android or iPhone.
     2. Write a message, add a video or photos, and choose how much you want to gift
     3. Add their email address, and presto, you are done!

The gift recipient will receive an email letting them know about your thoughtful gift and the details of how to install the app. They will appreciate the flexibility and convenience to select what matters to them and the ability to plan for it to arrive at a convenient time. We provide access to hundreds of thousands of brands through our delivery partners so they get exactly what they need.

They can order medical supplies from CVS, prepared food from Door Dash, or perhaps schedule some much-needed self-care at MassageEnvy. If a celebration is in order they can have flowers delivered from Urban Stems, bubbly from Drizly, or even groceries from Fresh Direct.

When a loved one is sick or struggling, you can't always be there, but you can still show them how much you care. So show your support and send some LuvBucks today!

And if you want to learn more about why we care so much, read our origin story and learn about a little girl we affectionately call Tuna!

PS - Fun Fact: the original care package was an aid package distributed by the humanitarian organization CARE during World War II. We love this because caring is what we do at LuvBucks.

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