Top 10 Reasons To Give a Gift

We often give gifts to re-confirm or establish our connection with others, which means that they're a reflection of both the giver and the receiver, as well as their unique relationship. Giving a gift to someone we care about allows us to communicate our feelings and appreciation for them.

Let Someone Know You Care

Giving a gift outside of the normal circumstances of a holiday or special occasion can be an amazing way to show people that you pay attention to the needs of others.

Pro Tip: Gifts are symbolic and by sending LuvBucks you are sending a symbol of appreciation and luv that they will never forget.

Celebrate A Life Milestone

Gifts are the traditional way we celebrate life milestones. Gifts can be practical and related to the event, or they can be special and something the person would not have otherwise obtained for themselves..

Pro Tip: If you encourage others in your family or friend group to also gift LuvBucks, the recipient can combine all gifts into one big purchase!

Honor A Holiday Or Tradition

Holiday gifts can be symbolic of the occasion and deeply embedded into our family and cultural tradition. The beauty of giving on holidays is that many families have created gift-giving traditions that have been passed down for generations.

Pro Tip: Create a new tradition by sending LuvBucks every year so you can celebrate the holidays together, even when you are apart.

Reward A Job Well Done

Everyone likes to be appreciated and told they have done a good job. Sending a gift to say “great job on that test” or “congrats on your team winning the championship” is a thoughtful way to really show you are invested in their success. If you are gifting a co-worker or an employee, you can reinforce what is working well and encourage them to keep succeeding at work.

Pro Tip: Unexpected gifts to thank someone for doing something at a high level of accomplishment are a great way to reinforce it. Sending them LuvBucks will encourage them to keep doing it!

Celebrate The Arrival Of A New Pet

Most of us get excited about a new fur-family member, but for some, it’s just a lot of stuff to have to buy at one time. And there can be a surprising amount of unexpected costs throughout the pet’s lifetime. A pet owner will always appreciate a little help along the way.

Pro Tip: Consider sending a monthly gift that can be used to restock the food, toys, litter, etc.

Make Someone Feel Special

People love to feel special and appreciated, especially by someone they hold in high regard. Taking the time to send a gift, especially one that lets them know just how special they are, will make a huge impact.

Pro Tip: Use LuvBucks messaging and custom photos/video to let them know exactly how special they are.

Express Your Luv

Not all of us are great at expressing ourselves verbally and many people’s love language is gifting. A thoughtful gift can have the same effect and shows the person you are giving the gift to that you value them. Be it romantic, familial, or platonic love, a gift truly can be worth a thousand words.

Pro Tip: One of the many great things about LuvBucks is that it can become a photo album of memories as well as a two-way communication around the gift.

Show Your Appreciation

One of the best ways to strengthen your relationships is through showing appreciation. When you show appreciation on a regular basis, it will deepen your connection, encourage better conversations, create more positive interactions, and ultimately a better relationship. The more you show your appreciation, the more you will be appreciated.

Pro Tip: Giving LuvBucks allows the gift recipient to splurge on something that might have normally been outside of their budget.

Demonstrate Support In A Time Of Need

We all have times in life when we need a little extra support. Usually, these times are when it is the hardest to ask for support and that is why it’s exactly at these moments that a helping hand from a friend, a family member, or a loved one means so much.

Letting the recipient choose what they need most is empowering to them and satisfying to you as you know you have truly helped. Let them know that they can spend their LuvBucks their way!

Encourage Others To Pay It Forward

By giving a gift you are not only being generous, but you are creating gratitude in the person who receives the gift. It’s been proven that when people receive generosity, it encourages them to be more generous in turn. This is great for building bonds within a personal network or community.

Using LuvBucks makes it easy to send gifts to lots of people, exactly when you want and need to, without a lot of extra time or stress. Set up the app once, and use it forever.

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