Perks & Rewards
For Teams or Employees

Welcome to the LuvBucks Perks & Rewards Program!  Perfect for businesses, non-profits, community associations, school organizations, large enterprises, and more! 

If you are looking for a meaningful way to thank and reward your team, you've found it! LuvBucks provides an easy and flexible way to show your appreciation with repeating scheduled gifts such as a birthday or a work anniversary, or for one-off gifts to show thanks for a job well done. This program works equally well for employees, contractors, or volunteers.

Your team will appreciate the thoughtfulness, ease, and convenience of spending their LuvBucks. It is as easy as downloading the LuvBucks consumer app to manage their perks and rewards and then shopping using their favorite app, online store, or even in a retail shop. The LuvBucks app provides a temporary credit card number for each purchase. They can even accrue your gift of LuvBucks over time to purchase more expensive items on their wish list.

For more information and to sign up for our program, reach out to