LuvBucks: Founded in Friendship & Luv

It all happened on account of one very special little girl. Co-Founder Mike Jerdan’s daughter, Calluna "Tuna" Heart, was born with a rare condition that made it difficult for her to breathe. Only a few months old, Calluna required round-the-clock monitoring and care—even crying could have devastating consequences. Worry—and medical bills—mounted.

Calluna’s friends and family helped in every way they could, sharing their time, resources, and love to keep her and her parents going. Then Covid forced everyone into isolation, cutting the family off from their community and support system.

Anthony Placet, Mike’s long-time best friend, watched helplessly as Mike and his family struggled. Unable to be there in person, Anthony and other friends tried their best to guess how they could make the situation better. As Calluna was rushed to the hospital for unexpected and unpredictable stays, physical gifts like flowers and food spoiled on the front porch. They tried sending gift cards but they all went unused for one reason or another.

Feeling isolated and powerless in their own situation, Mike and Anthony knew others were struggling in similar ways. There had to be a better way for friends, family, and communities to stay united.

As Calluna made a successful recovery, Mike and Anthony set their sights on creating a solution to break down the barriers of distance and isolation. Combining their backgrounds in customer experience, data strategy, and app development, they set their sights on reinvented eGifting, designing a customizable, flexible way to show and share support, hope, and love. 

Along the way, what started as a means to offer help has become so much more. Whether it’s assisting friends and family in need, sharing a treat (and a smile), or marking a milestone with a heartfelt message, LuvBucks doesn’t just improve the way we give and receive gifts, it revolutionizes the ways we are able to celebrate and support one another, and empowers human connection in the times we need it most.

Calluna’s journey inspired us to find new—and better—ways to #ShareTheLuv.


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