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LuvBucks is the perfect eGift for any occasion. Give funds to someone you Luv (along with a personal pic or video). When they receive your thoughtful gift they can choose how and where to spend their LuvBucks! Bonus, you make an impact every time you give LuvBucks.

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Make lasting memories with personalized eGifts.

LuvBucks are the perfect blend of sentiment and utility. It’s simple for you and meaningful to them because the giftee decides how (and when and where) to spend their LuvBucks.

All you need is their email address, your own credit card, and a heartwarming (or hilarious) message. You can even add a photo or video to really make them smile!

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Plus many more opportunities.

Your LuvBucks, Your Choice!

LuvBucks eGift Cards are secure and easy. Choose from over 30 retailers with thousands of brands and spend your LuvBucks exactly when and where you want.  Order tacos tonight, shop for groceries tomorrow...maybe schedule a massage for the weekend. Whatever works for you! 

Even better, you can send your thank you message right inside the app. No more mailing (or forgetting to mail) a thank you card!

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Plus many more vendors.

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LuvBucks donates a portion of our profits to the Global Poverty Project. You may have heard of their events in NYC and around the world known as Global Citizens Fest. Global Citizen is focusing on the five most urgent challenges facing our world today: ending the pandemic, protecting the planet, eliminating hunger, tackling inequality, and defending every child’s right to an education.

The more gifts you send, the bigger the impact we collectively make. Let’s do this!